You Choose Your Life Every Day

Years ago, I had a severe fear of escalators.  It’s something I chose to overcome. Over the years, it’s just become natural for me to use them without much thought.  For myself, I subconsciously choose to not be afraid of escalators every time I’m faced with them.

We choose what to have for breakfast or to not have it at all.

We choose whether or not to have that extra cookie (or cupcake, soda, cookie, etc.)

We choose what to wear to work, to play, to get groceries and to go to bed.

We also choose how to feel and think.  Without knowing it, you might lose sleep from all of the overthinking that your mind does when you’re not busy.  Or maybe you have a real problem with worrying about family members or what’s going to happen tomorrow.

Many people go through challenges, whether they are for a few years or for a lifetime.  If a person doesn’t have the right mindset, they will inevitably suffer from poor choices and habits.

Do you overeat and think you don’t know why?

Do you struggle with anxiety and wish you could be comfortable rather than over-reactive?

Do you wish you could sleep without fearing the future, over thinking about what you could have done or said differently?

A part of ourselves, the subconscious mind, becomes at ease with what it knows and believes.  The same part of our mind that created the beliefs, has little effect at changing our circumstances alone.  It needs someone who has either been through the same struggle and moved past it and/or it needs someone knowledgeable about the part of you that continues to choose these challenges on autopilot.

Choosing how you want to be and what you want to experience is a daily habit itself. Don’t be dismayed by this, because right now the choice gets made by your subconscious mind and to have a life filled with opportunities is to use conscious thought. Everyday, you’re given the opportunity to redirect or change the course of your life.  What a privilege, what an honor and what an opportunity – may you and I never miss that chance.

For example, my health is important to me. So on a daily basis I commit to how I’m going to nourish my body, what I am going to do for exercise and even to brush my teeth.  It’s something that must be chosen every day.  Every day I reject the empty promises that the inner saboteur tries to lure me with because temptation is around us all of the time. 

We choose our life every day. Poet and author Annie Dillard said it beautifully – “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”  

Personally, I want to live a life of impact and significance, and this requires me to make an intentional decision about the time and opportunities that I am presented with – every day.  For you the examples might be different, but the reality is the same. 

So, if you want to choose differently, everyday, so that you can enjoy your life more, create more abundance, be more restful and vibrant, then contact me to see how my services could help you.

One choice could change your life forever.

What kind of choices have you made that have lifted your life? or the opposite?  What would like to change?  Let me know by sharing below.

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