Why The World Is The Way It Is


Over several years past, I have been noticing the upheaval and shifts in Americas ideals. Having watched the greed, insecurities, fears and a whole host of other mindsets and emotions emanate from people, it’s no wonder the world is the way it is, right now.  The past few years, I had been telling my husband, if there really was a world flood, like in the bible, this world is ripe for another one. 

I kind of wish I hadn’t been saying that (more than once,) because it kind of feels like it’s happening in a different form somewhat.

Anyway, it got me to thinking… we’re still using law of attraction.  It might not be yours or anyone you know, but enough people have been using fear and greed so much and in sometimes vile ways, something had to erupt. 

This is what happens when people don’t work on their stuff.  Life doesn’t have to be led by fear, anger and a huge dose of the idolatry of money. In other words, were not in a war with illness itself  The war is between conditional and unconditional love.

We’re born into this battle.  Our parents and caregivers teach us all of our emotions when we’re little.  Parents and churches teach us a lot about guilt, shame, and punishment.   

Others teach us write from wrong when we’re little, but many of us aren’t taught how to love ourselves. If we are, we’re also taught the misconceptions of loving the self.  For instance, someone might say, “I treat myself with a cupcake because I love myself,” Unfortunately, they’re usually over 200 lbs.

In different ways, we’re taught that money is the most important thing of all, either because we lack it or because we have to compete for it to live a cushy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not opposed to a cushy lifestyle.  But, the mindset used to get there, is usually what is causing disruption in the world.

Here’s my point in all of this.  The world is reflecting the inner thoughts and feelings of the majority – worldwide.  Again, this comes from not working on your stuff! 

Many people don’t want to drudge the stuff up, however, if it doesn’t get worked on, then it will work on you, your loved ones and the potentially the world. 

And the world is now giving you a chance to work on the malfunction in thinking that has been learned.  Take it from me, I’ve seen thousands of people in private sessions who have belief systems that are like a fingerprint.  They might look similar in one direction, but they are all different.  These belief systems create personal reality, however, they also assist in creating a reality that everyone gets to share. I wonder how much energy it took to create our world’s circumstances today?

Earth is playing a part in coming to our rescue.  It’s not punishing us… we are being given the opportunity to get real with ourselves, step out of the trance we’ve been in and wake up to create a better reality. 

Fortunately, I have been working with people for almost 20 years to do just this.  It requires a little work, but as you’ve already experienced, life doesn’t just hand it to you.  You are required to learn it.  Just like everything else.  The process I’ve been using with many of my clients is called The Paradigm Transformation Process.  It’s always been a process that people did at home, so it was easy to put it in a teachable form online.  The link is here.

As Gandhi put it: “We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”  The change isn’t going to happen any other way.  If people don’t work on their stuff, we’ll just continue to have bad conditions happening within us and around us. 

Paradigm Transformation

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