Well, I Feel Stupid

It’s been staring me in the face for over 3 years.  Everyone I’ve spoken with suspects different things, however, the question still remains, why are the virtual sessions more effective than coming in person?

A potential customer called me the other day and told me she had been to a hypnotist years ago for a similar problem.  Without asking her why she thought it didn’t work, she freely offered that the hypnotist was very good and everything appeared to be fine in the hypnotist’s office, but when she returned home, so did the problem.  She said it even seemed to get worse for a little while because she got down on herself because it didn’t last outside of the hypnotist’s office.

It dawned on me that – for the past 3 years, I’ve been racking my brain as to why virtual sessions are more successful.  

I had been telling people it was because they were in their own environment, they were used to the noises in their own home, plus office spaces aren’t soundproof. 

People slam doors, children run up and down the halls, plus, the vents in most office building are “open built,” meaning the sound travels through them.  (I used to have an office where someone would sound like they were talking on their phone and be yelling and cussing.  My clients and I would look alarmingly at each other, but when I opened the door, there was no one in the vicinity.  It had been coming through a vent.  

We can’t always understand what people on the other side of the wall are saying, but we can hear them talking, which means they can possibly hear us, too. There are sound machines, but I’m often asked to turn them off, because of the added noise.  

Anyway, that’s a minor nuisance for most and it usually doesn’t bother, which is nice.  

Ultimately, people do better in environments that feel safe and you are familiar with – even if you have children.

Many of my clients travel for a living or they are going to move to another state or country soon.  They are able to continue to work with me if they want to wherever they are.  Staying with a hypnotherapist that has helped you in the past can be very helpful to the next issue you want to work on in the future.  

Tell me, have you used virtual sessions before?  Without necessarily divulge what you went for, did you find these types of sessions helpful.  Or if you’re the hypnotist, how have they enhanced your clients’ success?

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