Weight ReDesign Program(R)

“If you’re to busy to work on yourself, then you don’t have time to lose weight.”

– Amy Hale

Do you get upset, resentful or disappointed when you look in the mirror?

Weight loss is not a “one size fits all” mind game.  It has multiple components including:

food intolerances/allergies

shifting hormones

fatty liver

poor nutrition

poor muscle building

poor sleeping

disordered eating

and more…

Do you have trouble sticking to a diet?

You know what to do, you’re just not doing it, right?

Maybe it’s the wrong diet or maybe it’s because diets generally don’t work.  Especially if you have depression or disordered eating as a coping skill.  The Weight Redesign Program (R) is not a diet. It’s also not just a mindset motivator.

The Weight ReDesign(R) can help you regain control of what and how much you put into your body.  Hypnotherapy can also help you enhance your results with exercise.  

All sessions are personalized to YOU.  Your program is not like anyone else’s – it’s for YOU:

Some of the issues Amy Hale has worked with includ:

  • Overeating
  • Motivation to exercise
  • Lowering starch/carb intake
  • Reducing or eliminating sugar
  • Eliminating soda pop (like Coca Cola or Mountain Dew)
  • Help with blood sugar issues and other illnesses associated with weight
  • Depression
  • and more…

Food is often used as entertainment.  You probably eat when watching TV or when you’re bored. It’s our #1 coping strategy.  You zone out when you eat and then wonder how you even ate that much.

Guess what – been there, done that.

If you are always doing for other people, you’ll also might experience a harder time losing weight. Your subconscious emotions/shadow parts are now in control. And it’s protecting you from something – that’s all it does.

If you can’t ever say no to someone else, you most likely won’t say no to chocolate, chips, hamburgers, and whatever else it wants to fill the void inside.

When people ask me what do I love most about what I do, I tell them this: I love the transformation that people make with their minds and bodies when they give themselves the time and space to redesign their reality and beliefs about themselves.

Are you willing to try another diet and be miserable or embarrassed for not following through with it again?
Do you want someone to guide you to release the sabotaging subconscious beliefs that cause to not feel in control around food? 

You don’t have to try to go through this alone. The same mind that made you fat will need updates to help make these changes or you’ll likely go back to being stuck and unhappy. Give yourself the chance to permanently make changes that will give you the satisfaction of a better life and a better outlook about your future.

If you’re willing to make time for yourself and begin to really take care of your health and well-being, then there’s only one thing you need to do. Call Amy Hale so you can begin to love your new mindset and body.


Amy invites you to schedule a free 20 minute phone/online consultation to assess your needs and explain the best route of care for lasting results. You will have all of your questions answered in a non-pressure conversation so that you can make a well-informed decision.

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