Using Gratitude To Change Your Mindset

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Where I live, people are still having to wear masks in public. They’re uncomfortable and my skin gets irritated. (Yes, I’m whining.)

I understand why they are wanted or needed and this post is NOT about the “politics” of wearing a mask.

I want to share with you a revelational moment I had at the gym yesterday. (Have you ever noticed that revelations tend to come when your mind is quiet and your body is moving – or driving?)

So, I’m at the gym breathing heavy and my mask feels a little damp from the heat of my breath and face.

I’m holding on to the machine I am exercising on – so it’s difficult to adjust it, if at all.

I bewitch my nose and use my tongue to attempt to re-position it.  They’re so annoying.

Sometimes I step away from where I’m feeling a negative emotion, and I didn’t want to stop exercising so I asked myself a “what if” question.

What if I switch to gratitude?

So I repeated to myself a few time, I am grateful for my breath.

Remember when I wrote in my last post about two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time?

My mind completely shifted its mindset.  Whew!

Rather than making my exercise experience tragic, I overrode the complaining voice with gratitude.

The mask had become a trigger to remember what’s “wrong” with the world right now.  

I was doing it. It certainly wasn’t the mask’s fault.  

I turned to looking at it in a way that let’s me feel in control of the way I feel, instead of blaming it on an inanimate object.

So here’s the Cheat

What if you purposefully use masks as a trigger for gratitude instead? 

What if you can feel a sense of positive and a surge of “feel good” chemicals release every time you become aware of the mask that you’re wearing? 

Have an incredible week!

Love,  Amy

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