Two Things I Learned in 2020

The past year was stressful and chaotic, to say the least.  It was a time of change, resistance, outrage, emotional war, and I, myself, am glad it’s over.

The people that I have come in contact with, either by phone, online, or even in persona, have all had different realities appear for them.  Realities that they didn’t know existed or even realities that they shared with others come to a halt to be rethought and updated.

I went through rough changes as I saw completely different realities emerge from people who experienced traumas in the past.  People who had not learned to care about themselves nor others.  Those who were completely confused as to what is real and what is fiction.  It was a wake-up to see what I thought was a small population become almost half of the population.

I learned about love and self-love and that they are one and the same.  Some people believe self-love is selfish, but it’s just the opposite.  We cannot feel another person’s love, rather we can only feel the emotion of love within ourselves and share it.  If we love ourselves, then, and only then, will we be able to truly and divinely love one another.

Greed and hatred were very pronounced this past year all over the country.  Someone who loves themselves doesn’t need to storm the white house, doesn’t need to create lie after lie to get people to like them, and they certainly don’t use others as pawns to win a race of some sort.

Instead, people who love themselves are willing to share their love with their fellow men and women.  Whether it’s in person, zoom, phone, or otherwise – the ability to give and receive connection and love can be experienced.

The second thing I learned was when faced with uncertainty and things outside of our control, our bad habits and thoughts come to the forefront. Even habits that we thought were gone can come back and wreak havoc on our lives and those of the people closest to us.

I heard from people who started drinking alcohol again after being in recovery for many years. Others’ couldn’t stop eating and snacking.  While others who had been bordering an unknown mental illness were then thrown into the throes of fear and psychosis.  Thankfully, they reached out to whoever would listen.

Our brains and minds weren’t expecting anything huge to happen like the pandemic.  When it did, the reality struck how unprepared we were – mentally and emotionally.  Everybody being “so busy” with life and doing so many things and then it comes to a halt and we’re faced with the underlying reality of our own inadequacies and lack of self-care.

As a hypnotherapist, I help de-hypnotize people from false belief systems about themselves and others.  If our realities are created by belief systems, then taking control of what’s inside you is so important.  You can be more prepared for what life brings your way and have the resilience to take care of yourself and your family.

I’d love to hear your comments.  What kind of things did you learn last year?

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