The Results Are In!

For the last four years, Amy has been offering her trustworthy and affordable sessions and programs via Zoom, Facetime and phone.  We have gathered the success of our clients over the last 3 years and compared the success rates of those who came in and those who took their sessions online or by phone.  Here is the data as of May 31, 2020.


Session taken              %Successful

      Zoom                                     96%

   In Person                                84%

      Skype                                     82%

      Phone                                   79%

These statistics actually blew my mind!

But, you can also see why I’ve been pushing sessions by Zoom. I could tell they were going to score in the 90th percentile.

The percentages are from across the board of all subjects worked with.  These included (but not limited to) anxiety, stop smoking, weight loss, and obsessive thoughts.

If you’re wondering why that is (like many have asked me), we don’t really know.  But my clients and I believe it is because it is safe at home, you can control the noise better (my office has all kinds of weird noises), plus they’re just plain convenient.  

The other thing that MIGHT be making it better is the Reconnective Healing part of my practice. Read up on what that is here.  This healing method works better the further away someone is.  It was proven right in the workshop with volunteers.  Different practitioners connect with Reconnective energy differently.  I connect with the Reconnective Healing energy through my voice.  Reconnective Healing is NOT automatic, but if there is a part of you, conscious or unconscious, that wants to experience it, it will turn on (and only then.)  

What are your thoughts about online sessions? Have you used them before?

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