The Power of One Word

Today, I had lunch with my mother.  It was her birthday and it had been a while since we had met at my office for a relaxing afternoon.  

We used to have lunch a couple times a week before the pandemic hit. We both really loved eating out.

This year, people are still a little leery of dining in – in my area.  So we ordered and brought it back to my office.

We talked about how last year was a roller coaster year. Here’s what happened.


I decided I was going to put more time and effort into my blog and newsletter. Instead I became busy with clients (when January is actually pretty slow).


Same thing happened even though business begins to pick up again normally.

March   Lockdown happened where I live and I freaked out.  I even bought a “flee-bag” to run into the woods if I had to.  Everything that was happening around me turned to chaos.

Something click by the end of the month and I began working on an online course that had been written and used by email for 15 years.  It’s called Paradigm Transformation. It helps you let go of your baggage to create a better life and future.  (Some people call it shadow work.)

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April  Wrapped up my Paradigm Transformation course and put it online.

With the course finished, I realized I began making movies in my head that weren’t reality. 

My reality was that I was safe. My family was safe.

May  The calls I got were different, many of the people had I spoke with were pushed into so much fear and stress that they had various forms of psychoses. 

I felt helpless because I couldn’t help them.

I began watching YouTube and ASMR videos started popping into my feed. After watching several videos, I recognized my anxiety had drained out of my nervous system.  I never felt that calm in my life.  If suffer from high blood pressure, the kind which medication doesn’t do much for it.  After watching the videos, it was almost normal.  (Here’s the channel, if you’re interested.)

June: I became hypervigilant on unfollowing people who spread conspiracy theories and hatred.  I also stopped watching the news. 

I began to feel hopeful.

I wanted others to enjoy relaxation through ASMR and started my own channel.  I kept it secret for a while.  Wasn’t sure what people would think of it.

I felt like a beginner. (I learned to like that feeling.)

July:  I began offering free zoom calls to those who needed extra help during the rough times. People loved it. Many are still thanking me for helping them move forward out of all of the strangeness.

If I hadn’t gotten rid of the sky is falling mentality in May, I would been able to wonder:

What if I can help 30 or more people at the same time, as effectively as I help private clients?

(Spoiler: The private sessions were even more effective.)

I felt exited!

August:  I gave my first two hour zoom workshop on Relieving Insomnia.

People actually showed up.  I felt honored.

I found peace in the eye of the storm.

At the beginning of 2021 I meditated for a word that my year would be about.  I learned this meditation a few years back at a church and I missed being able to go, so I did the meditation anyway.  My word is harmony.

Building a mindset around harmony has been one of the most peaceful things I have ever done.  The meaning I hold for harmony is being in the present moment and not dwell on the negative what ifs.  It’s more about if my heart and mind feel harmonious (peaceful), then I will live a more peaceful experience regardless of what is happening around me.

Harmony is a better feeling than any roller coaster emotion – positive or negative – and you can have it in an instant.

My subconscious mind has been reminding me to be in harmony with my heart all year long.  

And there are side affects for this one word usage and in just a moment I’m going to give you a 3-step formula to experience harmony in under 30 seconds.

Side Affect of Harmony

  1. Anti-Anxiety: Every time I’m not in harmony and I recognize it, I realize I’m not in the present moment – I’m either in the past or future.
  2. Pure Delight: Every time I feel in harmony with my heart, I tell myself that it’s ok. to feel good.  I’m allowed to have a good life. 

I realized I spent two decades putting myself last.  Any goals were followed backwards before…

“When I lose X# of pounds, then I will be happy.”

“When I make X# of dollars a year, then I will be happy.”

“When my family is happy, then I can be, too.”

I realized I had slowly and successfully hypnotized myself into believing that I’m not good enough. I finally understood that I had created my reality and hypnotized myself into unhappiness.

So – what if I were happy now? Even if I’m overweight or if my husband isn’t feeling well.

How to be in harmony NOW:

I’ve used this technique dozens of times with other people, too.  It’s an absolute game-changer.  

When used regularly, it reconnects the transmitters in your brain to default to harmony and peace – instead of depression, stress, worry, and whatever emotion has been plaguing you. 

These negative feelings are more than likely conditioning from the past.

What if you can shift your mindset to peace easier than you think?

Will you try this with my right now?

As you read the following steps, pretend that I speaking to you in my hypnotic voice.  Allow yourself to go into a daze as you read and when you understand the steps, do them immediately.

5 Steps To Harmonious Peace

  1. Sit up straight, relax your shoulders, and take a deep diaphragmic breath. Inhale through your nose and when you breath out, make it longer than the breath in.
  2. Focus on a spot that is just above eye level.  It could be a clock, a stain on the wall or a curtain, or something else in front of you at eye level and let yourself zone out.
  3. As you continue to stare at that spot, notice three things you you feel, see and hear inside of your body.  Do this without judgment. (Ideas: feeling the furniture supporting you, feeling the air on your skin, feeling warmth of your socks.)
  4. Say something simple, but profoundly powerful to yourself. (Ideas: Everything is OK right now, I am safe right now, I am willing to feel good right now.)  
  5. Take time to notice and appreciate the harmony of your mind and heart in this present moment. 

Notice how two opposing emotions cannot be in the same place at one time. 

There might be a learning curve with this practice.  Because your mind has been conditioned to think negatively, you might go back to negative feelings.  The more you practice with this, the more you will condition your mind to respond with more harmony. 

However, something wonderful happens as you continue to practice The Harmony Protocol.

You realize that you are the one who actually created your emotional reality. 

You recognize that you had been conditioned to the past negative emotions. But now you can give yourself permission to be ok, to be at peace. 

You can allow yourself to feel good now, no matter how imperfect you feel. 

Right now… in this moment… will you say to yourself,


I can be happy now.

I decide to take control of my mindset and live from harmony.

It’s an honor to share this with you, my friend.  Thank you for reading this far.

I challenge you to do this. If it helps, you can set a reminder on your phone – AND honor that alarm.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

Love, Amy

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