My husband and I navigated the Continental Divide this morning in the red MG. Elevation reached 11K. I sat back; relaxed; and listened to your cd. No fears nor worries! Thanks for getting me through this! 

Janice / Fear of Heights

I have been listening to the recordings on my voice recorder every day.  I went out driving 48 hours after the session, which you suggested.  I drove to the post office and REI.  The session helped, because I was very calm….  I am looking into getting a car soon.  As for the abundance flow, I’m starting to open up to a whole new way of living.  I am seeing how I think affects how I live my life, so I’m weeding out the blockages to make way for the creative process to unfold.

Julie / San Francisco
Dr. Hale was instrumental in helping me overcome my fear of being closed in. Since my eyesight deteriorated and became blind, I had panic attacks throughout the day feeling like I was boxed in. Dr. Hale helped me take back control in just three sessions. My wife and I are so thankful to have met her.
Theodore & Claire

Amy, I just wanted to thank you… Before I met you, I had been struggling with an unusual anxiety reaction – to stringed instruments, which impacted my daily life for 37 years. I didn’t think that anyone would be able to help me.

After just one session, on the drive home, I was listening to coffee house and bluegrass music, and I was enjoying the experience! It was as if I was listening to music for the first time. After the third session, I can now see and hear my daughter play the guitar, and she is so happy that I can finally enjoy her playing for me.

Now, I know that I can go to concerts, and music festivals, and even learn to dance! It’s good to finally feel normal – thanks to you! I would recommend your services to anyone who is trying to overcome any problems in their lives. You are a truly a miracle worker! Thanks so much, Amy!”  John. – South Lyon

John / South Lyon

I couldn’t wait to email you to tell you how much I truly appreciate you assisting me in changing my life!  When I visited you last Tuesday  to discuss my fear of flying and how it was holding me back in my personal and professional life I was so confused and didn’t understand where this fear was coming from and why I was allowing it to take control of ME!

After our session, I was immediately more confident and more at peace within.  I took the CD and transferred it to my IPOD to carry with me and I kept hearing your comforting and reassuring words repeat in my mind every time the least bit of anxiety started to set in.  “You are more confident, you are centered, you are focused, YOU are in control.”  That with my anchor worked like magic!

Amy the flight there and back was WONDERFUL when they said we were landing I could hardly believe we had been in the air long enough to get to our destination!

You have assisted me in opening a world of possibilities that was closed to me before (or at least my mind thought it was!) I can now travel with my husband to new and exciting destinations, travel on business with confidence.  All because you showed me how to add a valuable tool to my tool box. I am eternally grateful!

I would HIGHLY recommend your assistance to anyone seeking freedom and release from their fears so that they can move forward in their lives and live more fully.

Staci / Flying

Amy, Just a note to thank you for all of your help. That session has made such an improvement in my life. I don’t gasp every time I feel stressed in the car, I just start turning my ring and using the trigger words and I become relaxed. I would like to set up a session for weight loss. Again thank you so much. 

Linda / Chicago Area

Amy Hale is an absolute God send! I have struggled for YEARS with a crippling phobia. I made the choice last year to pursue hypnotherapy, and I wish I would have done it sooner! It is like taking the best relaxing nap ever, only you are aware of what is going on. Even though I still have some trouble and little bumps in the road, the change has been tremendous! I would HIGHLY recommend Amy to anyone for anything!!

Rebecca C. / Livonia