You absolutely know you want to stop smoking, but the inner voice tells you to have “just one more.” If you don’t listen, you’ll feel agitated and unsatisfied . You remember all the other times you tried to stop smoking before – cold turkey, medications with weird side effects, chewing gum, vaping, patches – just to go back to it within a few weeks, months or years.

You have come to identify yourself as a smoker. This identity has been imprinted over and over again – which means now your subconscious mind is in control and keeping you smoking.

Our Stop Smoking Program can also help you

  • restore your vitality
  • improve your self-esteem
  • strengthen and reinforce positive, healthy habits.
  • experience a better self-image.
  • use better tools in times of stress or boredom.
  • heal better and faster.
  • revive your sex drive.
  • look and feel years younger

Imagine for a moment that you are free from tobacco.  Your hair doesn’t smell, your clothes don’t smell, your skin and eyes are more vibrant, and you’re not looking for an almost non-existent place to have a smoke. You have more energy, more money and a clearer mind.

Easy & Effective

Our two session online program is easy to incorporate into your busy lifestyle.  The effective tools your receive will help you stop smoking quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

Minimal Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms are often non-existent when using our Stop Smoking program.  With Amy Hale’s respected and reliable tools, she can help you retrain your mind to enjoy it’s freedom from tobacco.

Pass Up The Weight Gain

Often people think they’ll gain weight by quitting smoking, this is simply untrue.  98% of the people who have gone through our program have remained the same weight.  Some have even let go of a few pounds.  Once your body figures out that tobacco is no longer part of its experience, you can create a happier life.

During Your Sessions

During your customized online program, we will discuss your personal habits with smoking so that the sessions can be built for your personal success. Hypnosis will be comfortably introduced and we will communicate with your subconscious mind to release your previous programming for tobacco. We will then create a better expression to incorporate being free from tobacco.

Do you want to continue worrying about when your body is going to break down  and you get sick because you continued smoking?
Are you going to call Amy Hale to help you finally stop smoking today?



Amy invites you to schedule a free 20 minutes phone consultation. You will have all of your questions answered in a non-pressure conversation so that you can make a well-informed decision. These are also offered by Zoom, Phone or Skype.

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