Spiritual Regression

Past life regression and life between lives regression is a type of process that can used for fun and exploration.  It can also be used to help you find healing if you’ve carried energy impressions from previous lives. Sometimes we find that something from another lifetime is causing us pain, fear or just plain keeping us off track.  With Past life work, we can heal and leave the past lifetime learning behind so that you can create a better life in this one.

Life Between Lives Regression

Explore what really happens after you die.  Meet deceased loved ones or find out what your life purpose really is.  A very interesting experience.

Co-Creation with a Coach

Law of Attraction eludes a lot of people.  When we want something really bad, we often stand in our own way of receiving it.  Instead, we receive a lot of things we don’t want.  With Amy Hale’s help, she can help you understand where you are holding your desires back and why aren’t you seeing results.

Our faulty belief systems are often the culprit to why co-creating becomes difficult.  Or maybe you’ve been trying to control it too much.  Let Amy help you figure it out.

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