I really feel great when I work with Amy. She explains everything so that I can understand what is happening. I’m a pretty skeptical person and she mentioned she can be too. It’s nice to meet someone who actually seems to care about the results her customers receive. For myself, I was dealing with trichotillomania. I never once felt judged, only accepted and that meant a great deal to me. I just want her to know how much I appreciate her help and intuitive sense in helping me stop. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
Andrea Wilcox

It was a pleasant surprise to hear from you.  I am doing well and very much a non-smoker these days.  I have had a moment here or there where I have felt a tugging but for the most part I am doing swimmingly well, all things considered, and to date I am completely smoke free.

 I have used the CD a few times to reinforce the work you did and it is quite effective.  It brings me comfort just knowing it is there for me.  You do some amazing work, to be sure, and the water intake is working as well and is remarkable for me.  I cannot thank you enough for the work you did and the success I am having.

Jimmy / Livonia

I went to Amy Hale to quit smoking. It was much, much easier than any other way I had tried. And there were many.  I am grateful for Amy’s knowledge and caring personality.

Terry L. / Bloomfield Hills

I couldn’t believe it only took two sessions to get me to stop smoking. Formerly 2 packs a day, more on the weekends.  I tried everything, even other hypnotists and I just couldn’t put them down more than a few days.  Well, so far, it’s been 10 months and I’m feeling great about it.  I really didn’t think smoking was affecting that much, but it was.  I sleep loads better.  Thank you for your assistance.

Jake / Ferndale
I am SO glad i contacted Amy Hale at Changing Lanes to end my soda addiction. I drank pop all day long, and had to have it first thing in the morning. I tried many, many times to stop on my own, but never could conquer the draw. Making sure I had enough in the house and returning empties was a constant project. ONE VISIT with Amy changed all that! I have NO cravings for soda! What a relief. And it was so simple – one visit with Amy! I encourage you to contact Amy to see how you can change YOUR life!
Carol / Google

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