I have been listening to my recordings every night and when I nap.  I have been able to manage myself much better.  I have not felt the need to come back as I have been very busy fixing up my kitchen.  I believe the combination of our sessions in addition to my physical exercise made a big difference.  I will definitely consider returning if things get unmanageable.  Thank you for your help.


Amy,  thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.  My expectation was to somehow improve my mental state.  Through dialogue you were able to extract what I needed and developed a program for me.  I am extremely satisfied with my experience with you.  You exceeded my expectations and i have been able to “roll with the punches” a lot better!

Periodically i will pop in a dvd and review “the basics” to make sure i stay on track. Thank you for your kindness and your professionalism.   I truly enjoyed my experience!


Amy has been very helpful to me during my sessions with her over the past several months. She coached me thru a dark time in my life. Amy helped me to sort out my options and kept me motivated when I lost faith in myself.  A few of my decisions needed to be tweaked as I went along, but with her guidance, I am now enjoying a better life. I strongly recommend that you turn to her for a situation that you want to change. Just follow what Amy says, don’t give up on yourself and let her guide you through whatever fears your problems bring up as you move forward in a positive direction. 

Virginia / Ann Arbor

I went to Amy in 2008 after I had an emotional breakdown that left me unable to go back to work. I did everything I could think of to speed my recovery including medicine, counseling, massage and other alternative therapies. Amy worked with me using hypnotherapy and other modalities. I went to her several times and the work seemed to be very helpful. Do to her work in combination with other modalities, I was back to work in two weeks and better than ever.

My 17 year old daugher has having severe anxiety attacks. Amy worked with her and helped my daughter greatly. She still uses the techniques that Amy taught her.

L.S. / Canton

I clearly feel more confident in my approach to work. The self doubts have gone and I feel as though I am driving the car rather than being the passenger — and you were right, you can change some deep rooted beliefs. 

Jerri / Bloomfield Hills

I wanted to pay a special thanks to Amy.  I had been having some issues with anxiety for few years and wanted (really needed) a more natural way of managing it.  Amy knew what to do right from the start.  I’m feeling so much better.  The physical and mental changes have improved my life 10 fold.  I highly recommend her and her services.

Lee C. / Google