Service Acknowledgments & Policies

Additional Policies for Quitting Smoking – Click Here

  • I understand that Amy Hale is a Hypnotherapist and not a Psychotherapist. I am responsible for all of my decisions, actions and feelings. I understand that her services are not a replacement for medical or psychiatric services.
  • I understand that the techniques offered during my work with Amy Hale are something that I learn to do for myself. Amy Hale’s role is to guide, educate and offer tools for me to use to help me achieve the goals I have presented to her. She is not causing the change within me; I am learning to do something different.
  • I understand that the results obtained through Amy Hale/Changing Lanes vary with each individual and that no specific results can be guaranteed.
  • I understand that confidentiality regarding my sessions will be honored between Amy Hale and me. Confidentiality is also respected when working with minors.
  • I acknowledge that the hypnotic portions of my session(s) are sometimes recorded for my benefit. As with all records, these recordings are kept confidential. These recordings are the property of Changing Lanes, LLC.
  • I am responsible for remembering the time of my appointment. Amy Hale will do her best to provide a text reminder the day before. If you do not receive one, you may contact her to verify date and time.
  • I agree to be on time for my appointments and participate as a team member with Amy Hale in the work we are undertaking.  If I am more than 15 minutes late by Amy’s clock, it will be considered a no-show appointment.
  • I understand that a written medical authorization is required for some medical/mental/emotional concerns in order to work with hypnotherapy.
  • I agree to meet my financial obligations. A 24 hour notice is required to reschedule or cancel my appointment, regardless of receiving a reminder text.  I understand that if I do not give a 24 hour notice, I will be charged and responsible for the missed session.
  • I understand that Amy Hale/Changing Lanes is providing a service and that Amy Hale charges for her time. There are no refunds.