Opening Your Heart

Open Your Heart


Your heart is where the true release of old patterns resides.  When we’re young children, we begin so innocently being able to love and be loved.  Then one day, we discover that love is conditional.  We learn we have to please others in order to be loved.  If we don’t… some of you were punished,…rejected,… or even abused.  Then as we grow up, we think that some or all of that was normal and that it’s all in the past.  However, we re-create our childhood dramas and traumas over and over again, sometimes to the end of our lives.  We do this by participating in a reactive process that brings those negative emotions back to our awareness.

We recreate these dramas with our spouses, bosses, friends, events and even our spirit guides and God.  We project our biggest and often unconscious beliefs about ourselves onto other things and people.  That sucks!

However, I’m here to let you know you have a choice.  You can take the crappy bus or you can take the Magic bus. Either one is all right to take, however, I teach the magic bus route.

We lose a part of ourselves when we’re going through the original drama/traumas.  This part leaves us because it doesn’t want to be damaged. It doesn’t want to feel the pain and negative emotions.  What I’ve learned with my own healing and helping others to do the same is that, we need to retrieve these lost parts in order to heal.  These parts of us haven’t been damaged. They have been able to learn to stay strong and unmarred.  By integrating these parts, life begins to open up, along with our hearts and our minds.  We begin to buck the limits we self-impose.  We become more loving to ourselves which creates a more authentic love toward others.

When we are faced with another drama, it’s the perfect time to heal ourselves so that we don’t have to continue living life in such a harsh way.  We can actually pick ourselves up and stay up.  With so much reactivity in the world, dramas are also created collectively.  (I’ll get into this in another post.)

It’s interesting, I messaged a few clients that have been quite prolific when chatting by text with me over the past several months to ask them how they were doing.  One didn’t bother to answer, one answered very short with an “I’m fine,” while the 3rd one answered, “I’m doing really well, this [time off] is really great!”  

I have a process called the Paradigm Shift in which a person begins to recognize the dramas that they’re playing out over and over again… all the way to the present.  Through the Paradigm Shift process, our belief systems are upgraded, sometimes without us even realizing it.  When our belief systems upgrade, it creates a gateway for love to show up and our struggles seem to melt away. That doesn’t mean they cease to exist, but our reaction to relationships and event become less reactive and volatile.

I’m updating this Paradigm process now to be able to offer it as a course to a wider audience so that more of you can benefit from the powerful results my private clients have been experiencing.  The plan is to have it available within the next week or two.  I will let you know. 

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