Why Work With Me?

I’m an expert at self-sabotage.  I’m also an expert on how to curtail that, so life can positively move forward.

Your Shadow Parts

We all have dark shadow parts and light shadow parts.  Both types make valiant efforts to steer us off course.  They aren’t trying to hurt you, they are part of the subonscious mind, therefore there purpose is to protect you.  

By going deep inside, you can help your shadow parts release past dramas and traumas. This will allow you to feel whole, spiritually guided, grounded and living life with a purpose. 


Why I’m Different

If you want someone to help you go into an altered state, give you a few suggestions and then send you on your way, you can go anywhere for that.  If you are sick of struggling with a part of yourself that keeps sabotaging your efforts, then that’s where I come in. I’m not going to be passive, nor will I let you get away with excuses for not having what you want.  I’ll be point out where your letting the shadow parts of yourself take hold of your life, so that you can stand up to your inner saboteur and take back control consciously.