My Theory on the Coronavirus

If there’s a meaning for Covid-19, then it’s different for everyone.  It’s bringing out more of who we really are. The time to release our blocks & limits is now.


Everyone on social media seems to have their “knowledge” on what this supervirus is.  I’ve seen people say people are getting this because they’re greedy.  Others think it is some sort of “awakening,”  while others think this is still made up.

Personally, I think it’s different for everyone.  I’ve noticed my own personal troubles actually have become a lot more trivial if they’re problems at all.  People are also being exposed for who they really are.  Some are nasty, some are bringing up conspiracy, and others take a grandiose approach and think they’re going to “cure” it within a week because their energy work is so powerful. 

It’s amazing how many us look to the outside world for meaning.  All of the people who are becoming very involved in speaking out, are just expressing their own fear and anger.  That’s not someone I want to be listening to. I’m not going to be hypnotized by someone who is showing their dysfunctional self.

I know everyone is scared or worried.  The unknown and uncertainty always gets under our skin and makes us react in ways we never imagined we would  ever act.

I believe Ms. Corona is able to get to us because we weren’t paying attention.  It makes me stop and think about the worries about paying all my medical bills from my last illness as seeming a bit nonsense now.  I believe, at least for myself, it was a call to take a pause and have another look at what I’ve been focusing on and realizing that it just wasn’t that bad.  It’s not worth it to worry about that stuff anymore. 

Ms. Corona is a nasty bitch, but she’s also the eye opening for all of us.  How distanced have we been through social media and now we must literally distance ourselves physically to survive.  Having some understanding of the subconscious mind and it’s connection to everything else, I have to admit, Ms. Corona appears to be make us more of who we are.  But who would you like to be?

As always, I look out for my community and have set up a shop for downloading some free hypnosis audios. And since I’m working from home, I’m extending the offer for sessions at a reduced price through April 4th.

Love to you all…

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