Alice & Her Blood Pressure

Alice was having a problem with “white coat syndrome” when she came in to see me.  Her blood pressure normal for her age (68 y.o.), however when she went to the doctor, she unconsciously became extremely nervous and her blood pressure would heighten 20 systolic AND 20 diastolic at minimum. Her doctor would become alarmed while she, in turn, became consciously agitated. 

It’s easy for people to not notice how much tension they are re holding in their mind and body.  That’s why I take a well-rounded approach when working with someone with HBP.  She already had a good nutritional diet and she exercised every day.  So, it was beyond her imagination how she could be so tense. 

Alice, as are other clients, was surprised that she could lower her baseline tension right from her first session.  Plus, because I recorded the hypnotherapeutic portions of the sessions, she was able to come back much more relaxed.

Alice was motivated because she had been prescribed blood pressure medication that she so much didn’t want to take. If her blood pressure stayed the way it was at home, she wouldn’t have been prescribed anything.

So, after just a few sessions, she was able to go back to her doctor and her blood pressure had been better and within a normal range.  We were both overjoyed.

Some clients don’t want to work with a hypnotherapist because they have misperceptions as to what hypnotherapy entails.  That is why I offer the Lower Your Blood Pressure audio through my store in which a person can sample what a session is like.  (Of course, there’s a lot more detail in a session.) This gives them a chance to see if my voice and personality will mesh.  Often, people don’t even have to come in for a session.

I want to be able to help as many people as I can.

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If there was something you (or someone you know) could use – what kind of topics do you think could be added to the store to be the most helpful?  I would love some ideas.

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