Life Between Lives Session

Debbie came to me asking for a Life Between Lives regression session.  (BTW, this is why I became a hypnotherapist.)  It was good fortune she had read Destiny of Souls by Michael Newton. which is one of my favorites on the subject of LBL. 

What I loved reading from this book was the phenomenal changes people went through in their current life.  The answers they received from their higher selves and guides, being able to connect with loved ones in a different way and how people actually changed their lives after one of these sessions. (I knew I had to be part of that.)

Debbie came in ready to go.  As the session progressed, she was able to find a library. (We presumed it had something to do with the Akashic Records upon further discussion.)  She envisions a home she used to live in, in a previous time and in a different country.  She was able to explain the scenery, the landscape and who she was incarnated with.  She was also able to get the address.

After that session, she let me know that she had just finished a degree at Michigan State University but now she wanted to work with Reiki.  She just knew she wanted to work with healing.

Years later, she came back with a friend and bought her a session for her birthday.  As she was about to leave, she turned to let me know she had traveled to the location of the home she had envisioned during hypnosis and let me know she had found it.  The house was not popularized in a book or news.  It was just an ordinary house.  I was stunned and thrilled at the same time.

Debbie went on to be a popular healer in the Lansing area and working with others in the medical and dental fields.  It was such a fun reunion.

Both of us believe in reincarnation.    

Have you ever had a past life or life between lives sessions? If so, how did it shift your life?

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