Is The Universe Confused

I used to work for a University that allowed workplace bullying, and yes, I was bullied plenty. I went to a counselor in order to get some clarity. I didn’t want to quit my job, I actually like my actual work.

I had also graduated as a Hypnotherapist about a year prior. I decided to seek help with a counselor to get some clarity as to how to handle a situation like this. I was surprised that she didn’t tell me to just stand up to the bully. Instead, she told me to choose. Did I want to work at the University or did I want to be a hypnotherapist? I had to choose because the Universe was getting confused.
That was one of the hardest decisions for me to make as everyone thought I was crazy for leaving a good paying job without another one in sight.

I put my faith in the Universe and made the leap by quitting my job and putting up my shingle for a private practice. It was one of the best things I ever did. The Universe understood, I am a hypnotherapist.

The point is, co-creating with the Universe is simple, but not necessarily easy. It’s downright scary. ( I’m not telling anyone to quit their job because they can’t stand it.) I’m saying not to give up if you really want something. Don’t let your fears sabotage you from moving forward in some way. Every little step can tell the Universe what you want. Every fear can tell it the opposite. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to help a person get past the part of themselves that holds them back so fiercely.

I’m planning a group workshop for anxiety. If you were to attend, what would you like to learn? Any ideas as to what to include?

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