Is Food Your Pacifier?

As children, the majority of us used a pacifier when we were babies, but we grew out of it. For some people, it gave them an oral fix that they developed in infancy and still use today with food.  Generally, when a child is given a pacifier, s/he is beginning to whine or get upset. Sometimes babies also receive it when they’re feeling good or at “special” times. This begins the lifelong cycle of emotional eating.

Have you ever stared into the cupboard or refrigerator and not really have a clue what you want?  Maybe you even questions why you’re looking there in the first place.  You’re not even hungry.

Been there. Done that.

Emotional eating is one of those areas that even baffles the psychology field.  A lot of authors and so called experts seem to believe that they have “the answer.”  Every diet book and emotional eating book has been explored by thousands of people and they are still out of control with food.

We have to admit that there are many reasons people eat too much, snack a lot, continue choosing unhealthy foods or just generally take so-so care of themselves.  They often claim they’re too busy.  They have to be there for others and so they don’t take the time to care for themselves.  Unfortunately and unconsciously, that is the perfect setup for emotional eating.

I’m not necessarily here to talk about the caretaking of others though.  But if you don’t have time to take care of yourself, you don’t have time to lose weight.  That’s the basic truth.  Think about it and take a deep breath.

So many people have made the mistake of doing the same thing over and over again and ending up in the same spot they were in… or worse. 

Having used hypnotherapy with, literally, hundreds of people for weight loss, (I’m pretty sure it’s actually close to a couple of thousands), I’ve developed a knack for helping people get off their roller coaster.  But, I’ll never say it’s “the answer.”

You see, to really take care of yourself, often multiple modalities need to be incorporated.  That’s why I ventured out to learn reflexology. When I use it with the heart-based energy I work with, it helps drain the negative emotions so that you can choose differently, rather than trance eat.

Most people misuse food due to not knowing how or not wanting to deal with stuck emotions.  The majority of my weight loss clients have had issues in childhood, either from their family or from school.  When they become overwhelmed, the pacifier metaphor can be used with food as its replacement.

Since, most of us are inside right now, or pretty limited on where we can go and what we should do – I’m going to be offering my Weight ReDesign program online.  It’s in development right now, so, I could use your help.  If you’re interested in the possibility of using the program, I’m asking for feedback on what you would like it to include (I’m used to personalizing everything when working with individuals).  Also, I’m thinking of offering it in a morning or on the weekend.  What times do you think it would work for you? By being present for each session, you can have questions or concerns answered and receive personalized feedback and shape the sessions.  Plus, if you give me feedback, I’ll send you a discount code for the program. 

So, let’s get healthier. I’ll be by your side in spirit and will be making myself available to each participant.  I care that you are well and living life to the fullest, as much as you can.  I’m sure you can spare 1-2 hours per week.

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