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Heal Your Mind & Body

The first time I heard your voice, I relaxed like I never had before.  I have been living with RA and this has helped me get through the day. The heart-based dimension of this audio is so profound for me.  I really connect with it.

Donna Linden / Michigan

Control High Blood Pressure

hank you for sharing your time and effort.  My nerves have become better balanced.  I feel that this is beginning to work as I see the numbers on my cuff slowly go down. Thank you so much.

Adam Murray / Ohio

Stop Touching Your Face

I love touching my face.  I am so grateful for your help.  I use to pick my skin – a lot.  Now my face is clearing and I feel healthier. Your voice is so soothing, I can’t help but do what you tell me!

Mira / U-Per

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