I Can STILL Make You A Badass

The most commented on Blog Post when I receive a call from a potential client is still, I Can Make You A Badass.  They are willing to work on their stuff.  They are willing to let someone guide them and make sure they carry through. 

After working with thousands of people over the past two decades, I have found that the majority of people want everything done for them.  The illusion is instilled through media points like YouTube and Facebook that a hypnotherapist can work a magic spell in the mind and rewire them to be awesome. 

No one is the wiser that if its on video or in the movies, the audience members are actually the ones being hypnotized. 

For example, when Chris Angel would put on a TV show, I would receive a tremendous number of calls from people wanting to make changes fast – like lose 40 pounds in two weeks.  Even more peculiar is, Chris Angel is a magician not a hypnotherapist. What ever gave the impression that these two professions are the same? Like I’ve said before, “All hypnosis is self-hypnosis.” We create belief systems seemingly out of nowhere.

What I actually do is de-hypnotize people from the illusion that they are stuck and cannot make a change.  People hold on to their illusions, sometime with a mighty force.  Hypnotherapy is meant to be a short-term therapy – usually between 4 and 8 sessions.  It is NOT a magic trick. You always retain free will. No one can ever take that away from you.

Coming back to I Can STILL Make You A Badass, if you are willing to do some work.  In general, people create significant shifts and stop self-sabotage within 2-3 months.  That’s far less than psychotherapy which could be several years of work and then still feel like you haven’t broken through.

As a reminder, here’s an outline of the process for becoming a badass…

  1. Wanting to change. Not wanting to go back to a life that can trap you and send you down a very dark corridor in the event of an almost instant recession.
  2. Learning that our realities are generated and maintained by our belief systems and intentions. We perceive what we believe. If your life has been going in the wrong direction, you have a faulty unconscious belief system.
  3. Do some work on yourself. You will need to dig a bit into your past to figure out which belief systems are holding you back and causing sabotage.  It’s true, you have to drudge up some of that emotion in order for it to transform. It’s a lot quicker with Hypnotherapy, Paradigm Transformation Coursework, Quantum Reiki and other services that I offer. 
  4. Once we begin to transform the emotions, you can see a difference in how the world looks and how you behave. You increase the reliability 100-fold for personalized hypnotic suggestion to elevate change in you.  This is what you want, right? This is you experiencing being a badass.

So if you want to be a badass, either contact me or start your process with the Paradigm Transformation course.  The PT Process is a series of exercises that can be used in the transformation process.  I continue to offer virtual sessions, as well as, personalized audios to raise the badass factors you’re looking for.

You CAN contact me personally,as well, click here.

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