How To Pick A Hypnotherapist

I can’t believe I’m having to write this, but… I have had several calls over the last several months from people who have contacted hypnotists to help them for various reasons.  They’ve become fearful and non-trusting of hypnosis because the person they worked with didn’t know how to handle their problem. 

Hypnotherapists can sound very convincing when they say they can help you and know how to help you.  Granted, some of them might actually know how to help you get to where you want to go.

The hypnotherapists that I know are all very efficient and knowledgeable about hypnosis and the conscious/subconscious minds.  They also know how to work with anxiety, which is the base of almost every issue we work with. 

Then there’s the hypnotist who just graduated and says they’ve been doing this for years.  They could be very good or maybe not. Or there’s also the hypnotist who attempts to put two modalities together that don’t work well together.

It’s probably one of the reasons that people are confused about what hypnotherapy actually is.  Plus, there is a history of people comparing it to voodoo.  Yikes!

It’s not as alarming to me knowing that the above hypnotists exist.  Myself, when I had my frozen shoulder a couple years ago, all the medical professionals and physical specialist told me they knew what they were talking about.  They didn’t.  Neither did the hypnotherapist that I went to.  I was stunned, having known him for years, and he didn’t know hypnotherapy well, in general.  This is probably why this topic is so special to me.

So how do you know who to trust?  You can’t always trust the reviews.  They could have hired them.  (I know a couple of them that do this.) There are those who say they have a PhD in hypnosis and there is no accredited degree in Hypnotherapy anywhere.  You need to learn to ask – “what is your PhD in?”

Here’s what I would do.  This isn’t necessarily a great option, but you could check their social media.  Are they active? It’s ok if they’re not, but do they post things that are questionable? Maybe not so truthful?  Or are they angry and resentful?

Also, confidentiality is still in play if they can give you an example of how they have helped someone similar to you.  I never give out a person’s name and I only use the examples from people who have told me I can use them. 

You can also check the credentials they list.  Just to let you know, over the years, many of these places have been found to be run out of homes and they’re just there to take money for a listing service they provide. 

I guess this is leading up to a realization that there is no GREAT way to figure out if the hypnotherapist is any good or not without going through a session with them.  If they require multiple sessions up front, I would probably not go with them as it is usually set in writing that they will not give money back even if sessions aren’t used.  Look for someone who’s willing to give you a session so you know that you like how they work with you.

If you have found a great person to work within any professions, how were able to decipher they were a good fit for you?

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