If you seem to get every cold and flu or maybe you’re afraid of becoming ill, you can increase your immune system with hypnosis.  Amy has created this two part audio to help you understand your immune system better and then instructs your subconscious mind to increase it’s working power to keep bacteria in check and viruses out.

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Raise Your Immunity
sweet dreams by amy hale

Sweet dreams

A good nights sleep can help you feel more balanced emotionally, stronger physically and strengthen you immune system.  Give yourself the gift of a good nights sleep by listening to “Sweet Dreams” by Amy Hale

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Heal Your Mind and body

Learn better mental self-care.  Increase immunity, self-acceptance and create feelings that increase your well-being no matter what life throws at you.

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If you think you need more help

Amy Hale offers private session by phone, online and in person.  Call her for a chat to see if an alternative option or audio can help you.