Have You Ever Gotten A Fuck Off Price?

I have.  I’m known for my honesty to a fault, so here goes.  Many years ago, I contact a person who was in marketing at a sole proprietorship small business.  He told me just to meet with him, it would be $3,000.  My husband called it the “fuck off” price.  (My husband has a degree in marketing.)  Well, a few years back, I started receiving phone calls from people who had called people claiming to be hypnotherapists. They potential customer wanted to quit smoking.  They were receiving prices that ranged from $250 per session with a minimum of between 8 sessions all the way up to $700 and the number of sessions was unclear. I just got one the other day, like that.

Why would some hypnotherapists do that?  Because they don’t want to work with quitting smoking.  (I haven’t heard it happen very often with weight loss.) Hmmm. Seems strange?  Not really.

Smoking cessation is one of the most challenging things to work with.  Hopefully, I don’t ruffle too many feathers with this, but, most people who come in to see me want an instant fix.  They’ve misperceived what they’ve seen in the media or even videos from people in different countries.  Like I’ve written before, if it’s in a video, you’re the one being hypnotized.  It’s probably a friend or an actor or a person who would have done just about anything for a few bucks. We won’t ever know probably.

Because of these videos (from people who might not even see clients), to stage hypnotists and magicians, hypnotherapy is often misperceived as an instant fix. I’m not asking you to act like Tom Cruise or Brittany Spears – which would be funny.  However, it would be very short lived (like a matter of minutes.)  I want the change you want to last a lifetime – this requires more sessions. Sorry.  It just does.

So, what is the average price for hypnotherapy? You can actually google it.  If you don’t want to do that, it is between $200 and $300 per session.  Why so much?  It’s actually not expertise, as some will claim. It’s the pressure of having to fork out all of that money.  The more you pay, the more likely you’ll stick to it. 

Others will require you to pay for a package of sessions.  That’s just how much they want to get out of you.  And there’s usually a catch.  You don’t get your money back if you quit or don’t use them.   (Remember, I’ve had to network with these people and have heard the dirt.)

Personally, I don’t put packages together to see what I can get, (except for quitting smoking – there’s two sessions.)  I generally offer discounts if you do buy 6 or more sessions, but you’re not required to. Plus, virtual sessions are discounted – quite a bit.  I like my potential customers to call me for information. I can get a better feel if this is going to work for you.  If I don’t think so, I’m going to let you know. 

Here’s the finale.  Just about anyone can quit smoking with my 2 session program.  However, you’ll be left with the underlying emotions and some of the sabotaging belief systems that don’t have a lot to do with smoking.  This means, some people will require more sessions in order to not sabotage themselves in the same or other ways.  I don’t make you work with me on that.  But, remember, you might need to somewhere down the line with someone.  The same brain which created the dysfunction won’t be able to rid itself of the dysfunction. Psychology 101.

Here’s my sales pitch.  I didn’t even know that was coming.  If you’re low on funds, I suggest using the Virtual Stop Smoking Program (we can use Skype, Facetime, Zoom, Google Meet or just the phone) and then go through my Paradigm Transformation Class to help with any unconscious belief systems that could still be hanging out. 

Paradigm Transformation Course

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