Freedom From Overeating


There are lots of reasons why people overeat or gain weight.  There could be a metabolic or hormonal condition.  There could be early onset arthritis which makes exercise unbearable.  There could be other stresses, like the over-reactive emotions and thoughts.  There a slew of others things as well. 

Many people who are overweight will go to many lengths to lose the weight – gyms, drugs, unhealthy dieting.  But what I’m shocked by is that they don’t want work on themselves internally.  All of the reasons people keep themselves small by being overweight, has to do with the inside.  Even physical constraints like diabetes, sluggish thyroid, adrenal fatigue and stubbing your toe on the corner of the bed are signs there are internal things causing strain on you.

Our subconscious mind, or the emotional mind, holds things much deeper than most of us are even aware of.  I see many people who don’t show acknowledgment of stress being held in their body.  They claim yoga and massage keep them going.  However, after we’ve had a session, they can barely move and let me know they haven’t been that relaxed in years.

We don’t notice the stress because we have to push it down to keep up in life – work, kids, cleaning the house.

I like to think of the metaphor of a junk room.  This could be in a basement or a spare bedroom.  When I was in meditation one time, I caught a flash of my basement at a previous home.  It came into my awareness that I hated that basement.  It was dark and cold, and quite frankly, a little bit creepy.  My first though now would be to clean it up, brighten it up and warm it.  Back then, however, I just didn’t want to take care of it.

I find our self-care and self-love works in the same way.  Sometimes I have people look in a little hand mirror I keep in the office.  They divert their attention from it like they were looking at dripping, oozing poop.  They don’t like themselves.  So, why would they take care of themselves like they need to in order to be happy. They fail at dieting and/or keeping up their dieting because they find something displeasing about themselves every time. 

Another example, let say you got into an argument with a friend.  In fact, you stopped talking to each other for a bit.  If you overeat in times like these, do you think you’re angry at your friend?  Consciously, yes.  Subconsciously, not as much.  Behind the scenes, you’re upset with yourself for letting this happen, or not saying the right thing, or whatever excuse you could make up. 

I don’t know how being inside your home is.  I actually don’t mind it, as I’m an empath and introvert.  I can really relax with a good amount of not being “physically close” with others.  However, if you’re an extrovert, you might not be having such a pleasant time. 

Here are some things you can do if your stressed or getting antsy:

  • Reach out to your friends, family and loved ones by phone or Skype.
  • Find something else to fixate on that has you doing something and keeping your hands busy with things like decluttering and organizing, putting together a puzzle, or even making some masks to share with other people who need them.
  • Drink a lot of water. A lot of our food craving are actually thirst.  But it also help fat release faster from the body.
  • Purchase my audio download on Overcoming Overeating in my store. It will help you de-stress and take a pause before you take another potato chip or Oreo.

As always, I hope that this has help you.  Please leave a comment – say hello.

Love to you.

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