Every Thought Becomes A Prayer

Controlling Covid-19


Every thought becomes a prayer. When we are worrying, we are expecting things to go wrong. We’re telling God/Universe/Higher Self to help things go wrong.  Faith can be when you trust yourself to be able to handle what comes your way without victimizing yourself with fear. 

When we don’t overreact, we can create clarity within, in order to be able to remember what we’ve been taught or done in the past to create a better outcome.  Maybe it’s to make a plan or to call on an expert for insight without unloading on them. 

The unknown is confusing, it is out of our control.  But, guess what?  We’re never really in control.

It’s interesting to me that I’ve learned to see little signs over the years that help me in situations I didn’t expect.  For instance, February can be a slower month for me, but for some reason more people asked for assistance from me.  During meditation, I realized my abundance of requests had come early (it’s usually in March & April that things take off for me). I wondered what was ahead to make that happen. Boom! However, my faith secured in me that I am taken care of. 

There are so many people helping and willing to help.  With faith in place, it can help guide to find them.  I’ve been offering free guided meditation audios on my website.  If you need help, you’re welcome to start there. 

Remember, faith can get us all through.  Love to you.

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