Quantum Reiki

Reiki is a for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by someone who is a conduit for Universal Energy (Unconditional Love).

Different practitioners use various versions of Reiki for different purposes.  Amy uses Quantum Reiki to unblock your energy field so that you can step out of your limitations.  It especially enhances her hypnotherapy and reflexology tools.  She has worked on pain management, releasing trauma and helping people with courage and moving forward with more ease.

Reconnective Healing

When Reconnective Healing frequencies are introduced to a client, it creates order and balance.  The optimal state of balance comes after you are connected with high vibrational energy, light and information. Introduced to the world by Dr. Eric Pearl, it is explained that we all have the capacity to receive this energy. It is not for a chosen few. Amy has personally studied with Dr. Eric Pearl and experienced a physical healing when working with Reconnective Healing. Learn more about this healing method…

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