At any time, about 9% of the population are afflicted with depression.  Despite the number of people who are depressed, doctors still can’t figure out why people get this way. If often presents itself differently with each person.

Newer research has shown that depression stems from hard times and trauma.  Even long-term depression often has its core from a negative situation.  For example, if you’re being pulled in multiple directions and hardly have time to think for yourself, how could you expect to feel happy? 

Unfortunately, people often don’t understand. They haven’t experienced life exactly as you have.

Depression can express itself through through pain, weight gain, weight loss, grumpiness and even hostility. Then there are people who feel nothing – or numbness.  Others will misuse alcohol, daydream more, and feel confused.  A depressed person’s future is blurred.  

Hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful in detecting triggers that occur and also help to alleviate the condition or control it better. You can take your life back. 

If you think you’re depressed or if you have been diagnosed with depression, Amy welcomes you to contact her to discuss options that could help you feel better. 


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