Are Your Becoming More Adaptable?

If you’re human, your dominant shadow has come up.  How are you learning to cope with the stressors in your life? What coping mechanisms have you learned to use? 

First, what is a coping mechanism.  It’s an adaptation that you’re making to a stressor or “a way” you have made to manage a stressor.  It doesn’t change the situation so that there is no longer a stressor.  We’re simply adapting to the stress we feel.

It’s not particularly healthy.

We often feel powerless to making changes and feel we have to put up with something. This is where we give in to the coping mechanisms we use.  It’s like Novocain.  For example, have you ever had a physically painful experience, like a broken arm or leg? Or even needed a tooth pulled?  Generally, you’ll receive something to numb the pain.  Whew, you feel better because you can’t feel the pain.  That’s what a coping mechanism acts like on the emotional/spiritual level.

If you are working a coping mechanism, we need to ask ourselves, “what is the pain attempting to tell me?”  Pain is something that is attempting to tell you something about what you need.  We also need to ask ourselves, “how do I go about meeting those needs in a different way?”

What I’m asking you to do is to become aware of the coping mechanism that you are using and acknowledge that it is your main shadow.  Watch it playing out in yourself and even in others.  You’re going to see it everywhere – the media and Facebook, for example. 

The first way to help yourself is to pull yourself out of the collective experience.  Give yourself a break from Facebook and twitter.  Give yourself space from the media.  When you do this, you give your creative parts a better opportunity to look at personal solutions.  You can see areas in which you have the power to change. 

If you want to stop a negative coping mechanism – such as alcohol, overeating, smoking, gambling, etc, you can check out my new course – Paradigm Transformation.  Don’t let an addiction or coping mechanism run your life anymore.

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