Back in the day, I grew up in a small farm community. Little did I know that my reality was being developed by family and society in a way that would color my future.  It created shadow beliefs that later only appeared to be true.  Some of the beliefs included: I am not good enough, smart enough and not worthy.

From the Lutheran school I went to, I grew belief systems about being unlovable (except by my parents) and learned to not like myself.

By the time I reached adulthood I had acquired and developed:

  • Social Anxiety
  • Fear of Heights & Escalators
  • An Eating Disorder
  • Shopping Addiction

Fast forward in my early 30’s. Not a lot had changed. I was still, however, over-reactive, underachieving and living with anxiety and depression,

Little did I realize, I was being groomed into an empath, as well as, someone who could help lead others out of their false belief systems and the behaviors that maintain them.

Over the past two decades, I have been helping others with Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Reflexology and other Shamanic practices.

What I’ve learned about the human mind hasn’t been taught in these schools.  Some of these learnings include:

  • You are already hypnotized by your belief systems. This makes the question, “am I hypnotizable,” unwarranted.
  • Whether you believe it or not, our emotions and most of our beliefs have been created in childhood. With enough stress and pressure, they can spout off later in life, seeming like they are coming from no where.
  • Not everyone wants to be better.  When a person doesn’t shift or change a situation or behavior, it’s likely we can find a benefit they are receiving from it. If hypnotherapy worked for everyone, everyone would be fixed.
  • Hypnotherapies that tend to be quick, generally, are not long lasting.  If you stopped a behavior quickly using hypnosis, likely you either needed more session some years later or you developed a different unwanted behavior.  For the majority of people, hypnotherapy is quicker than other therapies, however, slow and steady still wins in the long term.
Who I Work With

my qualifications…

  • Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certified member of ICBCH (International Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy)
  • Certified member of IACT (International Association of Counselors & Therapists.)
  • Certified NLP Master
  • Reiki Master-Teacher
  • Reconnective Healing Practitioner
  • Member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies

work with me because…

I am committed to helping you get results.  I am passionate about assisting you in becoming your own healer. This path does not need to be long and hard. It can be efficient and evidence-based.

In our sessions together, you can expect Jungian psychology, humanistic psychology, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, as well as, integrative healing methods.

Reminder:  I am not a Psychologist.

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