A Weight Loss Success Story

Brian was a small business owner who wanted to lose weight.  He didn’t really like to exercise and there was a lot of junk food around his office. He had started to worry about his health and that’s when he called me. 

Through our work together, I found that he was a bright, successful older gentleman (well, older than me at the time) with about 6 employees.  They were like his second family.  His employees, however, brought in cakes, cookies and anything that wasn’t considered healthy.

“Why don’t you ask them to stop or you could bring in some crudité for snacking on.  He said, “they won’t do it. They don’t like to listen.”  This made me question his authority and went to work on his self-confidence and self-esteem.

We took a break for a few months and then he came back for another session. When I saw him walking toward me, I was totally speechless.  He had lost close to 80 pounds.  Even I couldn’t believe it.

He had finally put his foot down and told his employees, “no more junk food.”  Instead, they began bringing in fruits and veggies from their gardens and made healthy food to share.

Like I said, he didn’t like exercise, however, he had a cottage “up north” in which needed fixing up and that’s what gave him his work outs.

My actual point from all of this is that we need to be the boss of ourselves.  We can’t let other people run our lives or our health.  Sure, he could have just let them keep doing what they were doing and “try” not to indulge.  He could have continued along the same route of them not respecting him as their boss. Put those two together = failed weight loss. (On top of not exercising.)

When I work with clients, I can’t just look at what they are presenting. I work with both the conscious and subconscious portions of the mind.  A person won’t know what the subconscious’s motivation is to keep them stuck and keep them sabotaging themselves and their efforts.  That where integrative hypnotherapy and intuitive counseling come in. 

I help dehypnotize people from what they’ve already hypnotized themselves with.  I’m often asked, “what if I can’t be hypnotized.”  My answer is always, “you already are.”

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