Changing Lanes offers personalized healing methods using trustworthy, heart-based tools for help with anxiety, depression, CPTSD, weight management and more.  Constact Amy Hale for your FREE 20 minute discovery session.

You want quicker results and lasting change.  Plain and simple.  We offer superior and personalized sessions as well as group sessions to assist you in becoming an internal badass. 

Our programs offer a personalized experience to focus healing emotionally and physically.  With Amy Hale, you have a safe way to transform emotional and spiritual blocks so that you can feel more joy and live with more freedom. You can experience peace no matter what life throws at you.  

We use unique methods to help you shift in the way you experience life – including hypnotherapy, mindfulness, Paradigm Transformation Process (TM), energy healing and intuitive coaching. You can feel freedom from anxiety, depression, overthinking, insomnia and sabotaging behaviors. 

If you are sick of struggling with a part of yourself that keeps sabotaging your efforts, then that’s where Amy’s help comes in.  She will teach you how the subconscious belief systems (shadows) are filtering and responding to your life experiences and help you heal them so that you can awaken to a better life.  When you work with Amy Hale, you gain better control over yourself and your happiness.

Amy Hale offers focused solutions to help you change or stop unwanted behaviors, relieve emotional and physical pain and master chronic illness and other conditions.  She has specialty training in the medical and clinical aspects of Hypnotherapy and Reflexology.  Her gifts of intuitive insight has helped thousands of people transition to a happier life. She has helped people enhance their ability to change and heal better – and faster.  Amy Hale’s clients make shifts emotionally, spiritually and physically.  Read more about Amy Hale here…

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If you would like to find out how to create a better life or improve your health, contact Amy Hale for a 20 minutes phone/Zoom consultation.  She can assess your needs and explain how she can help you break the limits you have unconsciously set in front of your freedom. You can have your questions answered in a non-pressure conversation, so that you can make a well-informed decision. 

You deserve exceptional and compassionate care with proven methods so you can be confident that you are in good hands with Amy Hale at Changing Lanes.

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